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Privacy Policy

Darsha International Packers & Movers

Privacy Policy

Because we value your privacy. As a result, we adhere to a strict privacy policy while using the information that has been gathered. Your information is never put to any other use by us or shared with other parties.

Your whereabouts are required by Darsha International Packers & Movers for a cause that you are fully aware of. We keep them on hand and note when we intend to utilise them. As a result, we only employ them to achieve the goals. Additionally, we need your permission to alter or edit your information. We are strictly to this policy during the course of our job. When utilising such information, Darsha International Packers & Movers adhere to all legal requirements.

a) Darsha International Packers & Movers only retains your personal data for as long as it is needed. After that, they are purged from our database.
b) Darsha International Packers & Movers always uses legal and ethical methods for gathering your personal information. We only get them straight from the individual in question.
c) We ask our clients to give us accurate information that is pertinent to the task. Our guiding principle is to take advantage of them.
d)Darsha International Packers & Movers use all essential safeguards to prevent the disclosure of your information to or unauthorised use of it by anybody other than us.
e)We also continue to be open and honest with our clients about our policies. To ensure their satisfaction, Darsha International Packers & Movers welcomes any suggestions from you.

Other Policies :

When handling each consignment, Darsha International Packers & Movers adheres to a set of strict guidelines. Since keeping consumers happy is what we aim towards, we never stray from that. So we emphasise careful preparation.

Working Methods: We take little steps toward the end result. When our skilled executives arrive at your location, the entire task is planned. At this moment, you can have every question answered. With our specialised pricing, we successfully bargain. Darsha International Packers & Movers do not cut corners when providing services and always work to keep costs down. People therefore always consider us when they need to move.

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